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The Norcross Farm today – where it all started!

The Norcross Farm is located adjacent to Ribchester, Lancashire, England and is now being converted to housing.

To the left is the old Angle Church (St. Wilfrid’s) in Ribchester. It has been restored several times over the centuries and still the place for any Norcross to be married. The name of Henry Norcross, Vicar from 1573 to 1616, is engraved in the stone inside.

The bright and cheery young couple are Joe and Sandra Norcross of the United States of America. After several attempts by Joe’s Grandfather (during WW I) and Father (during WW II) to find the then mythical “Ribchester,” Joe stumbled on it several years ago when escorting his friend to visit her family in Preston. When told that Ribchester “is just over that little hill back there,” they visited and subsequently married in St. Wilfrid’s.

The Historian/Genealogist who introduced them to Ribchester assured Joe very emphatically that “all Norcross’s come from Ribchester!”  Given his apparent age, Joe believes him firmly.

There are two Norcross migrations - the "Jeremiah Line" which migrated in about 1638 from London to the Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony based at Salem, Charlestown, Cambridge and Watertown - and the "John Line". John was the brother of Jeremiah who came to America in 1638 with his brother but returned to England in 1642.   His grandson, William Norcross of Ribchester, migrated with his family from Ribchester to a farm he had purchased in Ben Salem, Buck's County, Pennsylvania, in 1699.  Unfortunately, William himself died at sea just a few days away from landing.  His widow and children went on to the Colony and the family prospered there.

These two lines form the base of almost all Norcross’s in America.  They all came from the same family root in Ribchester, Lancashire, England.


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