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Julia Ann Norcross Crafts Smith, 1830

George W. Crafts

David Willey Smith

Julia Ann Norcross, the twin sister of James Atkinson Norcross, was born 24 March 1830.

Her father moved to Salem, Massachusetts in 1843 when she was 13 years old.

She married on 6 Sep 1849 to George W. Crafts of East Boston by whom she had her four children. Two of her children died young. Her oldest child, Harriet, married Ambrose Allen and they have four children and reside in Boston. The youngest child, Albert E . Crafts married Mary H. Wilkinson of South Newmarket, New Hampshire. They have one son Leland Whitney who resided in Boston and, for a number of years, was employed with Norcross Brothers as a draughtsman in the making of building plans.

After her marriage to Mr. Crafts, she became a clairvoyant and Eclectic Physician and was very successful in her practice.

In 1877, wishing a wider and more central field, she removed to Boston and in 1879 she married Dr. David Willey Smith, and they resided in Boston.

She was very successful in her practice since moving to Boston. She was greatly interested in Temperance (as are her brothers) and was connected with the Temperance movement over forty years.

She belonged to the Women's Christian Temperance Union and has been an efficient member. She lectured on temperance, women's suffrage and the laws of health and has at times appeared at hearings of the state committee to use her tongue in the reforms that were before the committee. She has also been an authoress and has been celebrated for her many cases through the aid of her knowledge of medicine and her wonderful gift of healing . She has compiled in simple form, a book called Reason Why, which is a practical review of her experience in spiritual matters, philosophizing on them to the extent of her clairvoyant powers unto the nature or causes of things. She does not claim any scholarly merit for its production, but simply tells the truth. That she has done the latter to perfection any spiritual reasoner can detect in reading a few chapters.  Especially is she strong on the magnetic relations governing human beings which makes the book of great value to sensitive minds who are ignorant of their mental sufferings, and all her writings are interesting as an exponent of the spiritual philosophy.

Parents: Julia Ann Norcross Crafts Smith Jesse Springer Norcross
Martha Ann Whitney Norcross
George W. Crafts unknown
David Willey Smith unknown
Children: Harriet E. Crafts 5 Jun 1850 unknown
George W. Crafts 18 Apr 1853 8 Oct 1854
Alvin R. Crafts 22 Sep 1856 2 Nov 1857
Albert E. Crafts 25 Oct 1860 unknown

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