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Jesse Springer Norcross, 1806 to 1850

Margaret Ann Whitney, 1809 to 1883

Jesse Springer Norcross, the second son of Jonathan Norcross was born in Wayne, Maine in 1806.

He married in 1826 Margaret Ann Whitney of Westboro, Massachusetts and they settled in the Kennebec region of Maine residing variously in Winslow, Clinton, and Wayne and then moving to Salem, Massachusetts in 1843.

They had eight children (five sons, three daughters) all of whom were recorded born in Winslow, Maine except the youngest who was born in Salem, Massachusetts. Two of the sons died young, one son died at sea aged 20, the other two sons, James A. and Orlando Whitney came to reside at Worcester, Massachusetts. One daughter, Julia Ann, resided in Boston, Massachusetts.

Mr. Norcross died in Benicia, California in 1850, aged 44, and his wife died in Worcester in 1883, aged 74.

He was a carpenter and a builder and the proprietor of the Norcross Mills near Winslow, Maine. After he came to Salem he continued to build, he built the Naumkeag factory at Salem and Methuen. When the California gold fever broke out in 1849, he was one of a company to start out for California. He built none houses all ready to put up and started with them in a vessel, the Ship Nestor, around Cape Horn to be erected after his arrival there. He died in the next year after arriving in California.

The Ship Nestor's manifest dated 1849 in San Francisco lists Mr. Norcross as a passenger out of Boston.

Parents: Jesse Springer Norcross Jonathan Norcross
Jane Atkinson Norcross
Margaret Ann Whitney John Whitney
Children: Rosina C. Norcross Foster Poland Bachellor 4 Apr 1828 unknown
James Atkinson Norcross 24 Mar 1830 4 Aug 1903
Julia Ann Norcross Crafts Smith 24 Mar 1830 unknown
Ann Elizabeth Norcross Blake Cleveland 15 Jun 1832 unknown
Jesse Leander Norcross 23 Feb 1836 abt. 1836
Orlando Whitney Norcross 25 Oct 1839 27 Feb 1920
William Anson Norcross 25 May 1842 1862, at sea
Charles Henry Norcross 18 Dec 1844 abt. 1844

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