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Jonathan Norcross, 1767

June Atkinson, Abt. 1770

Jonathan, the second son of Jonathan Norcross of Georgetown, now Bath, Maine, was born 1767.

He married Jane Atkinson on Lancaster, England.  He married his wife in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

He had a farm in Wayne, Maine in 1798 of 100 acres. His brother, Nathaniel, two years younger, had a farm also in Wayne of 530 acres and another brother Deacon James had a farm of 50 acres at Readfield, Maine. . He had a family of nine children, for sons and five daughters.

Joel Norcross found no record of Jonathan's death, but suggested he probably died at Wayne.  There is a large black granite gravestone in the North Wayne Cemetery which may be his.

He had three cousins, sons of his uncle Samuel Norcross who owned farms in Maine. Samuel, 62 acres in Hallowell, Philip, 84 acres in Hallowell, Daniel 186 acres in Hallowell, and Elijah 160 acres in Readfield, Maine.

These seven families of Norcross's were all who owned Real Estate in Maine in 1798.

Parents: Jonathan Norcross Jonathan Norcross
Martha Springer Norcross
June Atkinson Norcross unknown
Children: Martha Norcross Knight 1793 1832
Nancy Norcross 1795 1815
Isabel Norcross Knight 1797 unknown
Mary Norcross Swift 1799 unknown
Thomas Norcross 1801 6 Jul 1852
James Norcross 1803 1829
Jesse Springer Norcross 16 Jun 1806 18 Nov 1850
Horatio Nelson Norcross 1808 1883
Jane Norcross 1811 1813

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