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Jonathan Norcross, 1734 to 1786

Martha Springer, 1744 to 1809

Jonathan Norcross, the fifth child of Philip Norcross, was born in Newton, Massachusetts in 1735.  He was the first Norcross settler in Maine. 

He married in 1760 Martha Springer of Georgetown, now Bath, Maine. She was the daughter of one of the prominent settlers of the town and a cousin of Lt. James Springer who was the first Inn Holder of the town. In 1759 there were but 60 polls and about twelve dwellings in the town, Springer's tavern being one of them. The Springer's owned a shipyard and were among the first in the ship building business in Bath.

Jonathan Norcross was in military service in 1756, when he enlisted from Newton, Massachusetts in the expedition to Lake George in the French and Indian war.  He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War from Georgetown.

He had a large family of children; seven sons and six daughters all of whom lived to be married except one son who was drowned in the Kennebec River. The sons were enterprising much above the common standard, all of deep piety, but one. The daughters, described by a grandchild of Jonathan, were "fine looking, energetic, deeply pious (except one) and lovely in their lives. Abigail was a large finely formed woman of commanding presence, good intellect, and in her young days very witty and fascinating. Joanna, the mother of the one who sends this history, was a woman of retiring manners, beautiful in person, good intellect, of kind disposition ruling her family in the fear of God, and with indulgent firmness. Her memory, he writes, is a constant benediction to me."

Two of Martha's nephews, William and Moses, married nieces of Jonathan, Mary and Susan, daughters of Samuel Norcross of Gardiner, Maine who was the brother of Jonathan Norcross.

We have no record of Jonathan's death. His wife died in 1809 aged 65 years and was buried at Hallowell, Maine. The following was copied from the stone that marks her grave:

In Memory of
Mrs. Martha Norcross
who died

November 12, 1809, aged 65 years.

From life's sad close, how mortals shrink,
But must the tribute pay,
I feel any vital spirits shrink,
My pulse forgets to play.

Parents: Jonathan Norcross Philip Norcross
Sarah Jackson Norcross
Martha Springer Norcross Jeremiah Springer
Hannah () Springer
Children: Abigail Norcross Robinson 1761 unknown
Philip Norcross 25 Jul 1763 Lost at Sea
Sally Norcross Randall 1765 unknown
Jonathan Norcross 1767 unknown
Susan Norcross Nye 1768 unknown
Nathaniel Norcross 12 Jul 1769 5 May 1843
Fanny Norcross Lane 1771 unknown
Joanna Norcross Hinckley 3 Jun 1773 20 June 1843
James Norcross May 1776 10 Nov 1838
Jesse Norcross 1778 28 Apr 1831
Mary Norcross Frost 1781 unknown
David Norcross 1783 1800
Elijah Livermore Norcross 9 Mar 1781 24 Feb 1872

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