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Philip Norcross, 1697 to 1748

Sarah Jackson, 1703 to 1754

Philip, fourth child and the youngest son of Nathaniel Norcross, was born in 1698. He married in 1721 Sarah, daughter of Edward Jackson, one of the prominent and early settlers of Newton. In 1720, he bought the ancient house with seven acres of land supposed to have been built by Richard Park, Senator, which stood on the site of the present (1893) Elliot Meeting House in Newton.

He died in 1748 aged 50 years. His family consisted of nine children, five sons and four daughters. His widow died in 1754.

His inventory was a house, barn, shop and 14 acres of land amounting to 1659 pounds and 15 shillings.

Two of his sons, Samuel and Jonathan did not remain in Newton long, as Samuel's name is found among the early settlers of Gardener, Maine in 1762 and Jonathon among the early settlers of Georgetown (now Bath, Maine) in 1760 and was the first settler by the name of Norcross in the State of Maine.

Parents: Philip Norcross Nathaniel Norcross
Susanna Shattuck Norcross
Sarah Jackson Norcross Edward Jackson
Mary Thayer Jackson
Children: Grace Norcross 27 Mar 1724 unknown
Thankful Norcross 23 Aug 1726 unknown
Samuel Norcross 18 Oct 1729 20 Dec 1800
Philip Norcross 23 Jul 1732 unknown
Jonathan Norcross 7 Feb 1734 1786
Sarah Norcross 21 Nov 1739 unknown
Susanna Norcross 31 Mar 1742 unknown
Seth Norcross 21 May 1744 1795
Nathaniel Norcross 30 Jan 1746 unknown

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