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Nathaniel Norcross, 1664 to 1717

Mehitable Hagar, abt. 1664 to 1691

Susanna Shattuck, 1675 to 1711

Nathaniel Norcross was born in Watertown in 1665. He married first Mehitable Hagar and had two children. He married a second wife in 1694, Susanna, daughter of Dr. Philip Shattuck, a physician of Eminence and a man holding important stations in the town. Susanna was the granddaughter of Widow Susanna Shattuck who married Richard Norcross the father of Nathaniel.

Like his father Richard Norcrosse, Nathaniel was a shoemaker.  He lived both at Sudbury and then Watertown. After the death of his father in 1709, he occupied the old original homestead. He died in 1717 aged 52 years.

Parents: Nathaniel Norcross Richard Norcrosse
Mary Brooks Norcross
Mehitable Hagar Norcross (1) William Hagar
Mary Bemis Hagar
Susanna Shattuck Norcross (2) Philip Shattuck
Deborah Barstow Shattuck
Children: Mehitable Norcross (1) 1689 5 Apr 1691
Mehitable Norcross (1) 4 Feb 1691 unknown
Nathaniel Norcross (2) 20 Dec 1695 19 Apr 1749
Philip Norcross (2) 5 Mar 1697 18 Jan 1748
Susanna Norcross (2) 26 Feb 1700 1735
Thankful Norcross (2) 17 Jan 1708 unknown

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