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Richard Norcross, 1660 to 1745

Rose Woodward Norcross, 1659 to 1694

Hannah Sanders Norcross, abt 1665 to 1743

Richard was a shoemaker in Weston, adjacent to Watertown.

Richard Norcross, the second son of Richard, married in 1686 Rose Woodward by whom he had three children. He married again in 1690 Hannah Sanders. He was a shoemaker and settled in Weston, which had been set off from Watertown.

This seems to be the first scattering of the Norcross family.

He had a large family of eleven children, eight sons and three daughters. His sons settled in different parts of the Massachusetts and Connecticut . John settled at Sudbury, Samuel at Durham, Connecticut, Jeremiah at Lunenburg, George at Brookfield, Peter at Mendon, William at Shrewsbury.

He sold his Estate in Weston, which contained four acres, to his son Joseph in 1743 when 83 years old. He died in 1745, aged 85, in Durham.

He served in the military expeditions into Lower Canada.

Parents: Richard Norcross Richard Norcrosse
Mary Brooks Norcrosse
Rose Woodward Norcross (1) Henry Brooks
Susanna Bradford Brooks
Hannah Sanders Norcross (2) unknown
Children: Richard Norcross (1) 30 Dec 1687 1724
Samuel Norcross (1) 14 Oct 1689 1724
Abilgail Norcross (1) 11 Jul 1692 Bet 1722 & 1732
John Norcross (2) 28 Dec 1696 1741, in Cuban War
Hannah Norcross (2) 16 Feb 1698 unknown
Joseph Norcross (2) 1 Jul 1701 27 Mar 1789
Jeremiah Norcross (2) 2 Jul 1703 unknown
George Norcross (2) 22 Aug 1705 1746
Rose (Ruth) Norcross (2) 20 Mar 1707 unknown
Peter Norcross (2) 28 Sep 1710 1777
William Norcross (2) 14 Mar 1714 abt. 1775

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