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John Norcrosse, about 1590 to after 1642

John Norcrosse is listed in the records of the Haberdashers Company of London as a member of that Guild.  He was apprenticed with his father.

The brothers John and Jeremiah Norcrosse migrated with some members of their family, we are not completely certain as to who came and who was left behind,  sometime between in 1633 and 1638 to the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  We have assumed 1638 based on the limited evidence available.

John was certainly accompanied by his daughter Anna Norcrosse Davis and her husband.  John purchased 22 acres of land in Cambridge and lived there until 1642 when he returned to England leaving his daughter and son-in-law behind in America.  His son Thomas either came and returned with his father, or had never left England, and it was the son of this Thomas William Norcrosse who became a Quaker and immigrated to the William Penn Colony in America in 1699 starting what we call the "John Branch" of the Norcross family in America. 

Parents: John Norcrosse Thomas Norcrosse
Mary Chappell
unknown unknown
Children: Anna Norcrosse born 2 October 1611 in Ribchester, Lancashire, England. Anna married Dr. Samuel Davis of London in 1632. They came with her father to Cambridge and remained in America after her father returned to England.  I have, at this time, no additional information on this family and its descendents. unknown
Thomas Norcrosse born 1613 in Dilworth, Lancashire, England unknown
There may have been other children.  These are all we have record of.

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