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Henry Norcrosse, about 1550 to 1623

To the left is the old Angle Church (St. Wilfrid’s) in Ribchester.  It has been restored several times over the centuries.

The name of Henry Norcrosse, Vicar from 1573 to 1616, is engraved in the stone inside.

We only have this record of Henry Norcrosse. There is a record of a son of Henry who was apprenticed to Thomas Norcrosse, a member of the Haberdasher's Company in London, England.  This entry, found in the Haberdasher records, suggests to us strongly that these two, Henry and Thomas, knew each other and were probably "family".  The dates applicable to each suggest they could have been cousins or brothers. 

I have a number of unsubstantiated stories about Henry, his innumerable conflicts with his Bishop over his obstinacy in serving recusants (Roman Catholics) as was required by the Church at this time, and his estimated number of 40 children, many not legitimate.

His death and burial are recorded in the Ribchester Parish Records.

This way to Thomas Norcrosse.

Parents: Henry Norcross unknown
unknown unknown
Children: unknown, but verbal stories suggest as many as 40, not all legitimate.

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