The Norcross Family Tree

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n/a Henry Norcrosse, Viccar de Ribchester
1 Thomas Norcrosse Haberdasher of London
2 John Norcrosse, Grandfather of William Norcrosse, founder of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Norcross's
2 Jeremiah Norcrosse, founder of the Massachusetts Norcross's
2 Thomas Norcrosse
3 Nathaniel Norcrosse
3 Richard Norcrosse, the Schoolmaster of Watertown
4 Richard Norcross, the Shoemaker
4 Nathaniel Norcross
5 Philip Norcross
6 Jonathan Norcross, first Norcross in Maine
7 Jonathan Norcross, builder of lumber mills in Maine
8 Jesse Springer Norcross, who joined the California Gold Rush
9 James Atkinson Norcross, founder, business leader of Norcross Brothers
9 Julia Ann Norcross Crafts Smith, feminist, holistic medical specialist and spiritualist
9 Orlando Whitney Norcross, founder, engineering leader of Norcross Brothers
10 Alice Whitney Norcross Gross, our first University scholar, Wellesley, 1895
10 Edith Janet Norcross Morgan
10 Mabel Ellen Norcross Denholm
Business Norcross Brothers, building contractors of Worcester, Massachusetts, 1864 to 1924


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For more information please contact me at  All this information is based on family stories, or documents listed in the References.  Official documentation is not common except for recent generations (1850 or later) and may not necessarily be referenced herein.