Quarries and Properties

Owned and Used by Norcross Brothers


Property Description Property Type acquired disposed
East Longmeadow, MA Quarry, Brownstone (Kibbe) 1874 1918
Milford, MA Quarry, Milford Pink and Milford Gray Granite 1878 1914
Stony Creek, CT Quarry, Branford Red or Stony Creek Granite 1887 1918
Marble Hill, Pickens County, GA Quarry, White Georgia Marble 1889 1919
North Monson, ME Quarry, Slate 1890 1914
Brownville, ME Quarry, Slate 1890 1914
Troy, NH Quarry, Troy White Granite 1890 1918
Tuckahoe, NY Quarry, White Marble 1891 1902
Windsor, VT Quarry, Ascutney Green Granite 1895 1916
Glendale, MA Quarry, Marble (never worked) 1898 unknown
Oneco, CT Quarry, Oneco Granite 1900 unknown
Dorset and Danby, VT Quarry, Dorset White and Plateau White Marble 1901 1912
Mascoma, NH Quarry, Mascoma Granite 1907 unknown


Copyright 2004, Philip Norcross Gross

For more information please contact me at info@norcross.ca.  All this information is based on family stories, or documents listed in the References.  Official documentation is not common except for recent generations (1850 or later) and may not necessarily be referenced herein.