The Gross Family Tree

Philip Norcross Gross, 1901 to 1987

Jean Helena Fleming Gross, 1906 to 1991

Philip Norcross Gross was born 1 July, 1901 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.† He attended the public schools of that City and Worcester Academy for his High School education.† At his graduation from the Academy in 1920, he was awarded the Washington and Franklin Medal for excellence in the study of United States history by the Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Upon his removal with his parents to Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1920, he continued his education at McGill University, being graduated with a Bachelorís Degree in Civil Engineering in 1926.† He then joined the family business of Anglin Norcross Limited, taking a break from employment between 1939 and 1943 to serve his adopted country as a Captain in the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers.† He was recalled in 1943 to serve as President of the Family business which was involved with a great many construction projects vital to the war effort and undertook special assignments from the Government with respect to supervising the construction of major Hospitals needed to serve the injured troops returning from the various war fronts.

After selling the family business in 1954 he carried on serving in various executive management positions in related construction enterprises in Canada.† His last task was to manage the massive building campaign undertaken by McGill University upon the release of Federal Government funds.


Jean Helena Fleming Gross was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on 2 May 1906.† She was the eleventh, and youngest, child in this large family.

She dedicated her life to raising two most wonderful children.

She was involved in a number of voluntary organizations including the Canadian Red Cross and the Imperial Order of Daughters of the Empire.



          Philip Norcross Gross: Henry Joseph and Alice Whitney Norcross Gross

          Jean Helena Fleming Gross:  Oscar Ernest and Caroline Maud Drake Fleming



     Charles Fleming Gross,     born 22 March 1930, living

     Philip Norcross Gross,       born 16 March, 1940, living

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