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Raphael Gross, 1835 to 1898

Hannah Strauss Gross, 1841 to 1920

Raphael, my Great Grandfather pictured here, followed his brother Isaac to New York in America in 1856 with his friend Leopold Strauss (a brother of Philip’s).  They too went directly to Worcester, MA and the two younger boys went to work for their brothers.  In due time they bought the older brothers out of the Worcester business, and the older brothers moved to Boston and started Gross, Strauss, a similar business in that city.

His Death notices from the Worcester Newspapers.


In 1867, Raphael married Hannah Strauss pictured on the right, sister of Philip and Leopold.  I have not yet found when she arrived in America.

When Raphael passed away in 1898 she continued a few years in Worcester running the family business with her son Henry. In 1905 the business was sold and Hannah moved to New York to keep house for her third son, Moritz who had been graduated from Columbia University Medical School and was practicing as a Doctor in that city.  She passed away in 1920.


Parents: Raphael Hirsch Gross
Hannah Marx Gross
Hannah Julius Strauss
Bess Hess Strauss
Children: Henry Joseph Gross born 11 Nov 1867 died 27 May 1951
Julius Gross born 18 Apr 1870 died 18 Jul 1872
Moritz Gross born 1 Jan 1873 unknown
Bessie Gross Bondy born 6 March 1875 died Nov 1984
Helen Gross Weill born 31 January 1877 unknown
David Leopold Gross born 1 December 1880 died Nov 1976


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