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Isaac Gross, 1833 to 1915

Zipora Gross, about 1833 to 1901


The Family Story tells us that Isaac, with his best friend Philip Straus, came first to New York in America in about 1854.  They went directly to Worcester, Massachusetts where they set up a dry goods business in the name of Gross & Strauss on Main Street.  No additional information is yet available on these two people, their wives and their children, other than the names provided below, and even these are speculative.

To date I have been unable to locate the records of migration for Isaac, Philip or Zipora.  I am told that only 20% of the German migration records have even been indexed and I know that as of December 1, 2006 the records for these people have not been indexed, so we can hope that, in time, this information will be made available.  There is the possibility that the names of these people were changed on arrival in America but I have no way of find their German names.  The name "translations" were very undisciplined, for example, "Hirsch" seems to have become "Henry" in America as evidenced by the records of Isaac's brother Raphael, for which see his page.


From the Worcester City Directory of 1891


Parents: Isaac Gross Hirsch Gross
Hannah Marx Gross
Zipora Gross unknown
Children: William Gross born 1870 died 1872
Breda Gross unknown unknown
Harry Gross unknown unknown
Lucy Gross unknown unknown


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For more information please contact me at  All this information is based on family stories, or documents listed in the References.  Official documentation is not common except for recent generations (1850 or later) and may not necessarily be referenced herein.