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To quote my Mother, Jean Helena Fleming, here is a picture of “The Whole Damn Family!”  There is an additional unidentified friend in the very centre.

The gentleman just left of center at the very top, labelled Oscar Ernest Fleming (called “O.E.” by his friends), is my Grandfather whom I never got to meet and know properly because I was only four and a half when he died.  His wife, Caroline Maud Drake, known to the family as Mamie, gave him eleven children, all of whom are in this picture.  This genealogy depicts where this large family came from, and where permission is available, what became of it.  I have twenty first cousins and I am the second youngest first cousin, born to the youngest child in this picture.

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For more information please contact me at  All this information is based on family stories, or documents listed in the References.  Official documentation is not common except for recent generations (1850 or later) and may not necessarily be referenced herein.