The Fleming Family Tree

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F.1 The Flemings 1157 - 1992, Compiled by Peter F. Kerrigan, 1992, published privately in a very limited edition.
F.2 Peerage of Scotland, Sir Robert Douglas, of Glenbervie, Bart and John Philip Wood,1813, Archibald Constable and Company, Edinburgh 
F.3 Country History of Scotland, Watt, page 37, Aberdeen and Banff.
F.4 Flemish Influence in Britain, J. Arnold Fleming
F.5 Biggar and the House of Fleming, William Patersen, MDCCCLXVII
F.6 Notes collected by Florence Viola Fleming Scotten handed down to Peter F. Kerrigan
F.7 Letter to Florence Viola Fleming Scotten by her brother Andrew Fleming


Copyright 2004, Philip Norcross Gross

For more information please contact me at  All this information is based on family stories, or documents listed in the References.  Official documentation is not common except for recent generations (1850 or later) and may not necessarily be referenced herein.