Anglin Norcross Limited

1920 - 1967

In 1915, Orlando Norcross, the principal of Norcross Brothers Incorporated of Worcester, Massachusetts, stepped away from the day-to-day business management of the company he and his then deceased brother James had begun in 1864.† The day-to-day business affairs were managed by a small number of senior, experienced managers, with Henry J. Gross continuing to manage the operations of all Canadian projects.


In 1920, Orlando Norcross passed away and by 1924 the Norcross Brothers firm was wound up. 


In anticipation of the death of Orlando, in 1918 Henry Gross purchased the Canadian assets of Norcross Brothers and merged them with the distinguished Canadian firm Anglinís Limited of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.† The new company was named Anglin Norcross Limited and Mr. Anglin became President, Henry Gross became Vice-President.† In 1932, on the retirement of Mr. Anglin, Mr. Gross became President of the company.† In 1943, his son Philip Norcross Gross became President while Henry Gross retained the Chairman's position.† Henry Gross passed away in 1951.† In 1954, the families that controlled the company sold their holdings.† In 1967, the business was dissolved through bankruptcy.


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All this information is based on family stories handed down from one generation to the next and described in several published and unpublished family genealogies and other documents.†

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